The '42 Project

This is the homepage of the open-source '42 project. '42 is a more or less a clone of the 1943 arcade game. It is written in C++ and uses the SDL and SDL_image libraries as well as Guile 1.6 for AI code. The images are provided by SpriteLib, a free image library. It is also intended to provide a simple codebase for developing similar 2D shoot-em-up games by plugging in custom graphics, Scheme AI code and data files.



The latest release is 0.3.5 and is available in the files section on SourceForge.


Here's a typical screenshot:

Some other screenshots:

Mailing lists

To learn more about '42, subscribe to the mailing lists. There is a list for general discussion. To subscribe, use the Mailman interface. If you just want to know about the latest releases and project announcements join the forty-two-announce mailing list here.


You need the following libraries in order to build Fortytwo: Some compiling tips:

Related Sourceforge Pages

The '42 SourceForge pages is where all the downloads and other information about the project can be found.


'42 is released under the GNU General Public License. This means the source code is freely available and you may distribute it freely. The developers take no warranty for what happens when you use the software. Logo